Shetland Guide Book
Shetland Parish Nicknames -"Tee" or "Too" Names

Lerwick: Whitings Scalloway Sma= Drink Tingwall Timmer Guns (timber) Bressay: Women Crackers (from craic - good talkers) Men Sparks Dunrossness: Liver Coids (from Cuithes stuffed with cod liver then roasted in hot peat ash)
Sandsting: Suck o'Legs Aithsting Smuiks or Smocks (sewn cloth shoes) Mid Waas: Gentry
Wast O'Waas: Settlins
Doon O'Waas: Dirt
Sandness: Burstin' Brunis (oatmeal or beremeal cakes)
Foula: (Tammy) Nories (puffins)
Weisdale: Gauts (cut pigs)
Nesting: Gauts (cut pigs)
Lunnasting: Hoes (dogfish)
Delting: Sparls (smoked and dried sheep sausage)
Northmavine: Liver Muggies or Ulie Coils (cod stomach filled with its liver, boiled)
Whalsay: Piltocks (young coal fish or cuithes)
Yell: (Sheep) Thieves
Unst: Midden Slues (lazy, unclean people)
Fetlar: Russie Foals (young horses which have ungroomed shaggy hair)
Fair Isle:
Papa Stour

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